1. Reasons For Catering Your Next Business Meeting

    Business meetings are conducted to tackle important issues and operations that are critical for whatever business you happen to be in. These meetings, regardless of the scope, can take hours to complete. Many of these meetings go through lunch hour as momentum is lost if there is a stoppage. That is, meetings moving forward at breakneck speeds will not be stopped so people can go grab a bite to ea…Read More

  2. We Cover Every Small Detail When Executing Corporate Caterings

    Planning a corporate event is no picnic, there are so many things that need to be done. Typically, if you are planning a major event featuring keynote speakers and out of town attendees, you need to get this ball rolling eighteen months in advance. Let A Catered Affair Help With Planning! Those with the responsibility of planning corporate events begin by determining event goals and objectives. Th…Read More

  3. BBQ Catering Services Aren’t Just for Summer Events

    Traditionally, BBQ's are summer events associated with hot weather, outdoor venues and apron clad men who can only cook on outdoor grills. BBQ served at weddings is something you might think only occurs in the Southern United States. Well, it's time to rethink the BBQ menu as it has indeed come a long way from its roots. There is absolutely no reason BBQ can't be a winter fanfare. Who wouldn't wan…Read More

  4. Need Quality Catering for That Corporate Event? Give Us a Call

    Here at A Catered Affair, we realize a catering service is so much more than just a company offering food. Catered events are always very special events that are important and at times could mean the difference between making a great impression or totally bombing. This is why with each event we cater, we bring our A game; every time. We treat every event as though it were indeed a matter of grave …Read More