1. Our Catering Services Mean You Throw an Incredible Barbecue Without All the Hassles and Headaches

    Summer is the time of year when we all let our hair down in one way or another. Many of us will trade in our Dockers and Wingtips for a pair of paisley print shorts and flip-flops. Summer is also the time we get out of the kitchen and explore the tastes of summer in the outdoors. This means we love barbecue. And we can almost guarantee you will attend at least one this summer. In fact, you may be …Read More

  2. For a Corporate Event that will not soon be Forgotten, Rely on Us for the Catering

    Corporate events are an excellent way for your company to showcase its accomplishments and to create camaraderie among clients and employees. These corporate events can range from an all-out gala to a small casual party. In order to execute a successful corporate event, there needs to be plenty of planning. After all, you want your company to be presented as well as possible. If you are picked to …Read More

  3. Barbecues are Acceptable for Any Type of Event Including Corporate Catering, Family Reunions and Even Weddings

    If you haven't already noticed, summer is almost here. The signs are there, warmer weather, longer days, school children counting down the days until finals and people planning their social activities. What events are you planning this summer? There will no doubt be at least a couple of birthday parties to consider or perhaps this is the year you host a family reunion. Regardless the event, you sh…Read More

  4. Rely on Our Fabulous Catering Services, Your Company Picnic Might be a Failure Without Us

    It's springtime and a great time to start planning your company's annual picnic. Planning a company picnic can seem to be an overwhelming task, but as the ideas begin to flow you envision a day filled with fantastic food and fun. In fact, we will help get those creative juices flowing with a few ideas and insight to help make your company picnic a successful delight. Location One of the first thin…Read More

  5. We Provide More Than Just Top-Notch Catering

    As you may already know, A Catered Affair is Vancouver’s premier catering service. For over 19 years we have provided our customers with exceptional service and quality in everything that we do. Catering is our specialty, and we exceed all expectations with each event, party or any other function we provide service for. Our commitment to excellence also holds true with the other services we prov…Read More

  6. When Planning Your Company Picnic this Year, Count on Us for Your Corporate Catering

    The recent recession forced companies to cut many of their perks to help improve margins. Unfortunately this included many employee events such as Christmas parties, barbeques and picnics. Experts agree moves like this are often devastating to employee moral. Employers who make the effort to bring families together for fun activities will discover many benefits. Sure, you could axe the plans for a…Read More

  7. Try Our BBQ Catering Services for Your Next Event

    Caters who utilize a BBQ menu can benefit your next corporate or personal gathering or event in several ways. People from all over the country enjoy BBQ food mainly because it is the ideal food to have served outdoors. Like with any catered event, the better the catering company, the better the food, service and overall experience. A Taste For Everyone Another benefit of choosing BBQ for your even…Read More

  8. Reasons Why You Need to Hire Us for Your Next Catering Affair

    There are many reason to hire a caterer, the list is really almost endless. But the bigger question still is which caterer do you hire? Is it really all about food? We don't think so, there are plenty of reasons besides good food behind the proper selection of a caterer. Here are some reasons why you need to hire us for your next catering affair. We offer a wide range of foods from casual to gourm…Read More

  9. Depend on Us for Exquisite Corporate Catering and Watch as Your Satisfied and Full Employees Solve the Problems of the World

    If you have ever looked up the word breakfast, the literal meaning is to break the fast between dinner and the meal you eat after you wake up in the morning. Take into consideration the time between your last meal the night before and whatever time you eat lunch and that is a long span of time to not nourish your body and brain. Breakfast should be a part of everybody's day. There are many benefit…Read More

  10. Our Catering Services Exceed Expectations

    There are just certain characteristics that all good, quality caterers should have. Successful catering is a combination of hard work, proper training and years of dedication to your cause. Caterers are always facing new challenges, and if they do not possess the characteristics we are about to mention, they will ultimately fail. Catering is so much more than just serving divine dishes with a smil…Read More