The recent recession forced companies to cut many of their perks to help improve margins. Unfortunately this included many employee events such as Christmas parties, barbeques and picnics. Experts agree moves like this are often devastating to employee moral. Employers who make the effort to bring families together for fun activities will discover many benefits. Sure, you could axe the plans for a company picnic and spend the money elsewhere, but you would be killing morale. Here are reasons why company picnics pay off.

Show Them You Care

Employees are completely aware of the sluggish economy and notice when other companies are cutting back. By sticking with picnics and other events through tough times, companies are showing a devotion to their employees. In return, employees appreciate what the company has done and gladly return that devotion.

Break The Cycle

It seems as though we spend the work year building barriers between departments. Picnics and other social events help break down those barriers.

Bring Them All Together

The appreciation shown to employees through such events like company picnics affirms purpose. That is, a company picnic will inspire gratitude towards the company for what they do. This is what encourages employees to stay loyal and continue their hard work.

Fun For All

One of the better benefits of a company picnic is quite simply the fact that everybody will have a great time. This is the one company event that will inspire smiles and lots of positive conversation. This lends to an emotional reward that will no doubt lead to future financial rewards.

Count on A Catered Affair

When planning your company picnic this year, count on us for your corporate catering. Our BBQ menu will amaze and inspire. We will make your company picnic an event that will not be soon forgotten.