Dreamworks, Facebook and Google all share something in common, they all provide catered meals onsite for their employees. Now, everybody knows that corporate catering isn’t for the masses, but read these reasons and perhaps you will change your mind. There are perks to spending the extras money to feed your employees.

This is of little surprise, but it was discovered that companies who provided catered meals to their employees had higher overall employee satisfaction ratings.  As everybody is no doubt well aware, a happy employee is a productive employee. Also, if you are going for that new, much sought after talent, then the extra perk can certainly help your cause. After all, who in their right mind will turn down a company that offers free lunches to their employees?

As we just mentioned, happy workers are indeed productive workers. But just stop and think about the added value of a free meal. Instead of leaving for home or the nearest McDonalds, employees stick around the office during lunch and chat with their co-workers over a healthy and free meal.

Speaking of healthy, there are plenty of studies that conclude those who eat healthy are more active and have a better time focusing on the tasks at hand. Providing healthy lunches to employees is a winning combination for both ownership and staff. Paying for employee lunches surely beats overweight and otherwise unhealthy staff.

If your company doesn’t feed their employees, send this article to your manager or boss. If they still cannot grasp the bigger picture, perhaps sending them a detailed nutrition chart from McDonalds will help encourage them.