If you have ever looked up the word breakfast, the literal meaning is to break the fast between dinner and the meal you eat after you wake up in the morning. Take into consideration the time between your last meal the night before and whatever time you eat lunch and that is a long span of time to not nourish your body and brain. Breakfast should be a part of everybody’s day. There are many benefits associated with those who don’t skip the first meal of the day.

Start The Day Right

By starting the day off properly and eating breakfast, you will get that energy boost you need to carry you to lunch. There are an abundance of breakfast foods that are good for you and needed for optimal health. Take for example the simple egg, so many ways to serve it and all of them so good, and so good for you. Eggs are a significant source of vitamin D and they are also packed with protein and amino acids.

Focus = Results

Breakfast is also good for you as it gives you something every boss wants in their employees, sharper focus. Since it has been awhile since your last meal, your brain teases you with visions of pancakes and delicious yogurt. When you eat breakfast, your body no longer sends signals to the brain indicating a need to eat. You are full, your brain is happy and you are better able to focus on the work at hand.

Keep Your Employees Happy

As a supervisor, can you risk holding an important meeting while your employees are potentially starving and focusing on eggs and bacon instead of solving critical issues? Depend on us for exquisite corporate catering and watch as your satisfied and full employees solve the problems of the world.