The girl of your dreams has agreed to marry you. It is as if you have won the lottery, but love can only take you so far. Something you will agree on when you begin planning the wedding. Wedding planning can be an utter nightmare, but I guess that depends on which side you are on. Some women absolutely love it and treasure every part of the wedding planning process. Guys, not so much. Guys are a different breed altogether. Weddings are for the bride and fella, you had better not forget that simple little fact, because if you do, there will be tears. Remember this though, regardless of where in Vancouver you are holding your reception, A Catered Affair is your trusted local caterer for weddings.

The Great Compromise

Your bride-to-be has her heart set on a vintage, outdoor themed wedding, complete with stunning views and breathtaking backdrops. As the groom, you have one thing to say about that: “Yes dear, whatever you want.” Say it with me a few times because you will need to memorize it and hold that phrase dear to your heart. So, she has her dream wedding venue, the date circled in the calendar, and the mystery dress is in a black bag with a large price tag attached; the last thing you need to worry about is the catering. Compared to the rest of the wedding planning, that is the easy part.

Trust A Catered Affair for Your Wedding!

A Catered Affair is Vancouver’s one-stop catering company. We can provide floral arrangements, photography, and of course the most delicious food in B.C. So, play the hero and suggest A Catered Affair to your bride. Contact us for menu and additional information. You will not be disappointed and you might just get a little bit of credit, too.  Let us make your magical day all about her–sorry buddy but you know how it goes. Say it with me, “Yes dear, whatever you…..”