acateredaffair_slider2Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is upon us, the best time of the year to get together with the people that you love. Just picture it, the family packed around the Christmas tree, the roaring fire spitting burning embers a the rapidly drying Douglas Fir needles and the bickering mother-in-laws. Sound like a blast? Of course it does! (Well once that tree ignites it will be.) Every family has its own christmas traditions and some are worth holding on to but this year it is time to consider A Catered Affair, Vancouver’s number one catering company. Just in time for Christmas, we are offering holiday party services but you need to act quickly or the dates will fill up.

Let A Catered Affair Handle Everything!

Deciding on the date is the most difficult part of planning a holiday party with A Catered Affair. Our expert planners will ensure that your menu is completely tailored for you and your guests; even your aunt that will not eat chicken with bones in it. (what the…?) Our exceptional cuisine choices will have you ready to book your holiday party for next year. Need a venue? Or maybe chairs and tables? What about a bartender? A Catered Affair can provide all of the additional things that you need for your holiday party. We are truly a full service catering company.

Enjoy the Tradition

Your family will thank you for the new tradition. A Christmas spent together and not at Grandma’s house and the cat that hates everyone. This is the year that Uncle Merle might break the record at the annual kielbasa eating contest. You will all cherish the time spent in each other’s company, surrounded by amazing food and a tree that is not flammable. So give us a call today and book your holiday party, be it for your friends, coworkers or your family we will make it an event to remember.