Summer is the time of year when we all let our hair down in one way or another. Many of us will trade in our Dockers and Wingtips for a pair of paisley print shorts and flip-flops. Summer is also the time we get out of the kitchen and explore the tastes of summer in the outdoors. This means we love barbecue. And we can almost guarantee you will attend at least one this summer. In fact, you may be considering hosting one yourself. We don’t blame you, there are plenty of great reasons to host a barbecue this summer.

Summer Recreation

Look, we know you spent the winter eating at fine establishments and hanging out at clubs or coffee shops. But that’s hardly summer recreation. The weather is nice, so utilize it and have your barbecue outdoors. Forego the stuffy clubs and obnoxiously overpriced coffee houses for fresh air and tasty cuisine.


We don’t see any reason to dress up for dinner. A barbecue is a casual event where everybody is expected to dress down. At a barbecue, nobody will be criticized for a hole in their shirt or a parrot print tank top. Heck, you’re even expected to eat off a paper plates and drink from Solo cups at these events.

Fresh Fun!

Indeed, barbecues are awesome in nature. If you are planning a barbecue, come check out our menu. Our buffet choices come with the freshest of ingredients that will just add to our tasty burgers. We would be more than happy to customize a menu for you; whatever you want, we have you covered. Our catering services mean you throw an incredible barbecue without all the hassles and headaches. Give us a call today.