We all look forward to the summer company BBQ. The fun and games, with our co-workers and families. This gives us all time outside of the office to relax. You’re looking for ideas for this year’s company party and trying to find the perfect catering services to feed everyone at the part. Finding a company to cater the event can be tricky. Catering companies you’ve had in the past have offered tasty food during your first meeting, then served dry, cold food at the event. This year will be different, you’re starting early so you can be sure to make a great impression on everyone at the party and help to make delicious memories.

Don’t stop with just the food, though. There are catering services that offer full service. You may not have the time or energy to spend on the details of the event, yet, you want it to turn out to be an amazing event. A Catered Affair offers services beyond just food and dishes. We can help you with planning the event, including entertainment options and decor.

A Catered Affair offers a proven track record for over 19 year of serving great food and fun entertainment to large parties in the Vancouver metro area with unparalleled customer service. We would love to become your primary catering service for your corporate and personal events. Contact us for catering services for your company party. Get a free quote and book the date for your company party now, so you don’t miss out on amazing BBQ.