There are many reason to hire a caterer, the list is really almost endless. But the bigger question still is which caterer do you hire? Is it really all about food? We don’t think so, there are plenty of reasons besides good food behind the proper selection of a caterer. Here are some reasons why you need to hire us for your next catering affair.

  • We offer a wide range of foods from casual to gourmet and from traditional to innovative and exotic. We can meet the needs of those looking for everything from light snacks to all out feasts. We are able to accommodate vegetarians, those with food allergies and any other special requests. Our expanded menu has something for everyone.
  • At A Catered Affair, we combine high-quality ingredients with expert preparation and an artful presentation. Not only does our food taste amazing, it is also good for you as we only offer the finest cuts of meat and the freshest fruits  and vegetables.
  • We make planning a successful event easy for you. We offer menus with dishes that compliment each other grouped together.
  • Menu items and level of service choices are competitively priced. You get value when you choose A Catered Affair.
  • Nobody knows Vancouver and Richmond quite like us. We have been partnering with metro premier corporations for years helping them grow sales and loyalty.
  • We listen to you. For 19 years we have listened to our customers and our commitment is to you.

From the first contact with a client through the clean up process, we will be there every step of the way to ensure a catering experience that will leave you quite satisfied.