Salad Options

Individual full meal combinations or Group Buffet salads for 7-10 people.

Group Salads

  • Caesar Salad: Crisp romaine, in-house toasted croutons, shredded parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.
  • Garden Medley Salad: Fresh green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumber and tomato.  Served with your choice of ranch dressing or Italian vinaigrette.
  • Strawberry, Feta and Almond Spinach Salad: Tender baby spinach, cubes of feta cheese, toasted almond slivers tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette.
  • Rainbow Greek Salad: Long English cucumbers, sweet red onions, sweet yellow & red peppers, fresh red ripe tomatoes, shredded feta cheese. This is served with our signature oregano vinaigrette on the side
  • Seafood Pasta Salad: Al dente rotini noodles tossed with prawns & imitation crab meat, crisp celery, green onions, yellow and red peppers in a fresh dilled aioli.
  • Asian Garden Salad: Mixed greens, mandarin orange segments, crunchy chow mien noodles, toasted slivered almonds & thinly sliced red onions. This is served with a sesame soy ginger dressing on the side.
  • Classic Potato: Yukon gold potatoes, shredded carrots, eggs, green onions, dill pickles pieces with les fines herbes in mayonnaise.
  • Penne Pesto Salad: Al dente cooked penne pasta, tossed with red & yellow peppers, green onions tossed in a pesto aioli.  This is topped with freshly shredded parmesan cheese.
  • Individual Meal Salads: Served in a big bowl
  • Tuna Sorrento: Gourmet tuna salad made with yogurt, capers & fresh topped on a bed of gourmet mixed greens. Also topped with crunchy carrots, long English cucumber, red & yellow bell peppers and vine ripened tomatoes.
  • Sonoma Salad: Gourmet mixed greens, with candied pistachios, poached pear, mandarin orange segments, dried cranberries, and a touch of sweet onions. Served with light sherry vinaigrette.
  • Fraser Valley Chop Salad: Sliced chicken breast, smoked bacon, roasted peppers, bleu cheese, cucumber, red onions and baby tomatoes with rotini pasta, crisp lettuce. Served with our honey mustard dressing
  • Asian Chicken Salad: An array of colorful Asian vegetables and the spiced grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens with a rice noodle garnish in a ginger-soy dressing.
  • Mediterranean Salad: Mixed greens with sweet bell peppers, Kalamata black olives, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber and red onions, finished with a white wine feta vinaigrette.
  • Chicken Capri Salad: Sliced chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, honey-roasted ham, oven roasted tomatoes, on romaine lettuce with our homemade lemon extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette
  • Tenderloin Steak Salad: Savoury slices of grilled beef tenderloin on baby greens with feta cheese with feta cheese, corn, grape tomatoes, and crispy-fried onions, served with aromatic vinaigrette.