1. A Catered Affair Provides Catering For Your Next Affair

    With exceptional quality and expertise, we've been serving Vancouver's Metro area for over 19 years. We partner with premier corporations and provide catering to help them: Grow Sales Increase Profits Increase Productivity Develop Relationships Establish Employee & Customer Loyalty Improve Employee Morale Our success has came to a realization greatly in part to our unwavering listening to our …Read More

  2. When Planning for Your Next Event, It Might Make Perfectly Good Sense to Hire a Catering Company

    Easily the most stressful aspect of hosting a group of guests is certainly providing the food to feed them. No matter how good of a cook you are, or how big your kitchen happens to be, this multifaceted task is daunting to even those who regularly provide massive feasts at each holiday. To those who have cooked for a small gathering or family event, it is nearly impossible to feed everybody and en…Read More

  3. For a Corporate Event that will not soon be Forgotten, Rely on Us for the Catering

    Corporate events are an excellent way for your company to showcase its accomplishments and to create camaraderie among clients and employees. These corporate events can range from an all-out gala to a small casual party. In order to execute a successful corporate event, there needs to be plenty of planning. After all, you want your company to be presented as well as possible. If you are picked to …Read More

  4. We Provide More Than Just Top-Notch Catering

    As you may already know, A Catered Affair is Vancouver’s premier catering service. For over 19 years we have provided our customers with exceptional service and quality in everything that we do. Catering is our specialty, and we exceed all expectations with each event, party or any other function we provide service for. Our commitment to excellence also holds true with the other services we prov…Read More

  5. Reasons Why You Need to Hire Us for Your Next Catering Affair

    There are many reason to hire a caterer, the list is really almost endless. But the bigger question still is which caterer do you hire? Is it really all about food? We don't think so, there are plenty of reasons besides good food behind the proper selection of a caterer. Here are some reasons why you need to hire us for your next catering affair. We offer a wide range of foods from casual to gourm…Read More

  6. Reasons For Catering Your Next Business Meeting

    Business meetings are conducted to tackle important issues and operations that are critical for whatever business you happen to be in. These meetings, regardless of the scope, can take hours to complete. Many of these meetings go through lunch hour as momentum is lost if there is a stoppage. That is, meetings moving forward at breakneck speeds will not be stopped so people can go grab a bite to ea…Read More

  7. Need Quality Catering for That Corporate Event? Give Us a Call

    Here at A Catered Affair, we realize a catering service is so much more than just a company offering food. Catered events are always very special events that are important and at times could mean the difference between making a great impression or totally bombing. This is why with each event we cater, we bring our A game; every time. We treat every event as though it were indeed a matter of grave …Read More