1. Plan That Summer BBQ Now!

    It is creeping closer, and it will be here before you know it. It is the most glorious time of year, a time for family and friends get together to see each other. That time of year, my friend, is summer. We are technically only 5 months away from the summer solstice. Now that may seem like a long time off, but when you are planning on getting your family together for a BBQ, it is just the right ti…Read More

  2. Soccer Moms in Sombreros

    It is about that time again. Thats right, time to begin the old tradition of sending the kiddos back to school; the back-to-school shopping, spending (almost) thousands of dollars on pencils and a calculator that can communicate with aircraft. The neighbourhood will be much more quiet in the coming weeks as all the bikes and skateboards are used to get to school. The summer is over and stay-at-hom…Read More

  3. BBQ Isn’t Just for Summer

    Here in Vancouver, summer can feel pretty short. And as winter’s rolling around, many of us find ourselves spending a bit more time indoors. But some of the best foods are traditionally served outdoors in the summertime. BBQ, for example, is most often served in the open air of summer. What’s better than heating up the grill, hanging out on the porch with friends and family, and eating some ka…Read More

  4. How to Throw The Perfect End Of Summer Soiree

    As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change, we can’t help but have the urge to squeeze in one (or two) memorable end of summer get togethers.  An epic BBQ is the perfect way to say goodbye to warm weather and ease into fall. Hosting a party can be a lot of work. Coordinating the perfect guest list, ambiance, date and time, along with considering who will mesh well with others and …Read More

  5. The History and Facts of BBQ

    Barbeque has a rich history full of interesting facts and figures. That’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s blog presented by your local catering company, A Catered Affair: The Origin of The Word Barbeque (barbecue or BBQ) most likely was derived from caribbean natives who named the pits they had used to cook animals - a barbacoa. Fire May Have Made Us Smarter Archaeological evidence sh…Read More

  6. Reasons to Cater With Our BBQ

    You don’t need too many reasons to book a catered barbeque event for your troops, because barbeque sells itself from the second it wafts into your nose ‘til it tickles the tongue and satisfies the tum. That said, there are plenty of benefits to a barbeque-catered event by A Catered Affair. Our Diverse Menu We offer a diverse menu that’s sure to satisfy all comers. We know that there are vege…Read More