If you’re thinking about treating your employees to a catered breakfast, you’re already awesome. People love free food, and what’s better than a pick-me-up breakfast to start the day? And there’s more than one reason to bring breakfast food in for your employees!

Breakfast boosts metabolism:

Studies show that eating a breakfast in the morning gets the body systems going. This means that you’ll be more awake, more focused, and more productive. And beyond that, a square balanced breakfast is actually likely to aid in weight loss, or maintaining a healthy weight! Added bonus!

Stay happy:

It’s obvious that free food makes us happy! A catered breakfast is a great way to boost morale around the water cooler, and keep the troops smiling. A full belly is a happy belly!

Social construct:

Coworkers mingle around a meal. There’s time to relax and talk to fellow colleagues. Catered breakfasts bring people together, and promote a team-building atmosphere. That means happier employees, higher synergy, and more efficient communication. Plus, we all seek to satisfy our social needs! So discuss work over a frittata!


You might lose a bit of time on the bottom-line if you bring catered breakfast to work, but you’ll gain bucko kudos and praise. A quick meal can be a major pick-me-up, and the time loss will probably be made up with efficiency and higher craft. Plus, your colleagues and employees can skip breakfast at home, and make it into the office a bit early with something to look forward to!

So if you’re convinced that your employees or colleagues deserve a hand-crafted breakfast to kick off the day, give us a call!  We’re A Catered Affair, your Richmond catering pros!