Barbeque has a rich history full of interesting facts and figures. That’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s blog presented by your local catering company, A Catered Affair:

The Origin of The Word

Barbeque (barbecue or BBQ) most likely was derived from caribbean natives who named the pits they had used to cook animals – a barbacoa.

Fire May Have Made Us Smarter

Archaeological evidence shows us that around the time our brains started growing, some 1.6 million years ago, we may have also discovered fire (or at least the ability to harness it). Scientists suggest that this may be due to the fact that cooking your food raises the amount of energy a body can get from it – and a satiated body can support a bigger brain!

World Records

Russia is said to hold the world record for the longest BBQ pit, which was 335 feet long! However, the most meat cooked up barbeque style belongs to Uruguay. In 2008, Uruguay residents cooked up 12 tons of food – that’s an astounding 30,000 pounds. Over 20,000 mouths were fed during the feast.

Popular Foods to Barbeque

Barbeque is quite meat-centric, with meats overwhelming the list of most-popularly cooked BBQ foods. The most popular food to throw on the grill is burger, followed closely by steak, then hot dogs, then chicken, then other things (veggies, kabobs, and so on). So the stats are in, and it looks like meat wins!

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