It is about that time again. Thats right, time to begin the old tradition of sending the kiddos back to school; the back-to-school shopping, spending (almost) thousands of dollars on pencils and a calculator that can communicate with aircraft. The neighbourhood will be much more quiet in the coming weeks as all the bikes and skateboards are used to get to school. The summer is over and stay-at-home moms everywhere are dancing in the streets; it’s like a big party could break out at any minute. The festive breeze is blowing and it’s wearing a sombrero. (I really don’t know why it is wearing a sombrero but it seems appropriate.)

The Balloon Guy Even!

newcta1The best thing that you could possibly do is check out A Catered Affair catering services and throw an end-of-summer neighbourhood party that no one will forget. We have you covered, with absolutely everything that you could want for your BBQ catering needs. Picture this, an ice sculpture of the local high school mascot, amazing food wherever you turn, and even one of those balloon guys for the kids. A Catered Affair can make that happen, getting the street closed down is up to you.

Vancouver’s Own

We are proud to have served Vancouver for the past 20-plus years and look forward to 20-30 or 40 more! We are part of the community and would like to be there for all of your catering needs. What else could you ask for but a hometown catering company that really knows what people want. It is easy to go down to the store and pick out some burgers and bratwurst. Who has time for that? That is where we come in, A Catered Affair will take care of everything, the amazing food, the tables, even drinks if you desire! The window of opportunity is closing to have the most epic end-of-summer party, the soccer moms in sombreros will thank you. Contact us today for menu information and a free quote!