Here in Vancouver, summer can feel pretty short. And as winter’s rolling around, many of us find ourselves spending a bit more time indoors. But some of the best foods are traditionally served outdoors in the summertime. BBQ, for example, is most often served in the open air of summer. What’s better than heating up the grill, hanging out on the porch with friends and family, and eating some kabobs and steaks? Well, we’re here to say that that tradition – as lovely as it is – should be preserved the full year round. With our barbeque catering services here in Vancouver, you can continue eating what may be summer’s best foods… all year long!

Leave the Work To A Catered Affair

What’s even better? You get to leave the cooking and clean-up to us. Prepping for a big BBQ bash can take tons of time. Between inviting the guests, purchasing plates and plasticware, buying the beef, marinating your meats, cleaning the grill, and cooking, you’re sure to be exhausted come mealtime. Plus, when you opt for our BBQ catering, you don’t have to sweat the clean-up. We’ll take care of tearing down our setup so that you can keep socializing.

A Catered Affair Provides the Best BBQ Catering

So regardless of the season, let us do the cooking. A Catered Affair will provide the best that summer has to offer throughout fall, winter, and spring. Let us bring our BBQ indoors to your home, business, or event this winter. Get in touch with us today to schedule your next catered affair!